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CARQUEST Batteries
Provide The Power, Performance and Value You Need For Your Battery Jobs

Please see our primary offering below. Other specialty batteries are also available, but may not be listed here. Visit your local CARQUEST Store for all your battery needs.



  • Up to 2X the life of a standard batter
  • High charge acceptance and excellent starting power
  • Maintenance free and 100% spill proof
  • 3-Year Free Replacement

car batteries


  • Maximum starting power
  • Built to meet or exceed OE specs for extreme performance in all weather climates
  • Maintenance free under normal operating conditions
  • 3-Year Free Replacement

car batteries


  • Built to OE specs for dependable performance
  • Maintenance free under normal operating conditions
  • 2-Year Free Replacement

car batteries


CARQUEST Automotive

  • Works hard for every budget
  • Maintenance free under normal operating conditions
  • 1-Year Free Replacement

car batteries


Performance and Heavy-Duty Batteries

Optima® Performance AGM

  • High-performance spiral AGM battery
  • Premium cranking power
  • Unparalleled cycling capability for recharging
  • 3X the life of a standard battery
  • 15X the vibration resistance of a traditional battery 


  • Full line of group 31 heavy-duty batteries available
  • Full frame positive and negative grids for more cranking amps and better durability
  • Anchor bonded elements dramatically improve life in high vibration applications
  • Deep pocket envelope separators protect plates from shorts, extending battery life
  • Also available in cycle service design for class 8 trucks, reefer units and APUs
farm battery

Marine Starting

  • Premium cranking performance

  • Corrosion-free stainless
    steel terminals

  • Flush cover for secure fit
marine battery

Marine Deep Cycle

  • Heavy-duty deep cycle service

  • Highest reserve

  • Long life


marine battery

EV/Deep Cycle

  • Cranking power PLUS deep cycle service

  • High reserve

  • Long life
marine battery

Lawn & Garden Batteries

  • Calcium/Calcium maintenance-free

  • Spillproof at a 45 degree angle

  • Extended off-season storage

  • OE style



lawn battery

Power Sports AGM

  • Premium Absorbed Glass Mat performance

  • No activation or acid filling required

  • Spillproof/Leakproof

  • Vibration-resistant

  • Calcium/Calcium maintenance-free

  • Great for off-season storage

car batteries

Specialty Applications

Sealed Gel

  • Calcium/Calcium maintenance-free

  • Extended deep cycle service

  • Spillproof/Leakproof

  • Vibration resistant

car batteries

Scrubber/Sweeper/Golf Car

  • Increased cycling capacity

  • Resistant to shorts & shedding for long life

car batteries

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