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Why Recycle Batteries

RecycleWhen you mention recycling, most people think of newspapers, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. But Carquest lead-acid batteries, like the ones that start your car, are one of the most recyclable products on the planet.  In fact, virtually 100% of every battery component can be recycled to make a brand new battery.

The polypropylene is cleaned and remolded into new plastic products.

The lead is smelted and refined to make new batteries and lead parts in modern and environmentally safe, EPA-permitted facilities.

Even the sulfuric acid can be reclaimed for reuse in new batteries.

Carquest would like to encourage anyone who has a lead-acid battery that needs disposal to return it to our stores for proper recycling.  Not only will you help preserve lead, acid, and plastic, but you may also stop a potential hazardous situation from occurring. Lead smelter, refinery, and acid reclamation are important examples of why Carquest helps lead the way in environmentally sound practices protecting our community and the world around us.

Just as important as bringing your battery back for recycling, is finding a place that you can trust to reuse your battery in an environmentally safe way. Some places may call it recycling but do they really reuse the entire battery? To completely recycle a battery, three major components must be reclaimed for new battery use: lead, polypropylene (plastic), and acid.

So what should you do with your old battery?
Bring it back to our store. We are supported by a manufacturer with dependable, government regulated recycling programs…programs that have been refined for over six decades to ensure proper and safe recycling methods that are in the best interest of the global environment.

Ask about our recycling program. Again, we recycle every battery brought back to us. We will be proud to tell you about our recycling program’s success story.

Go the extra mile. Don’t stop short because of distance or any other minor inconvenience. Take the time to bring your battery back to our store. We can prove that it will be recycled in a way that’s best for you and your environment.



Carbon FootprintCarquest is partnered with a battery manufacturer that is actively engaged in research and development efforts to support alternative energy strategies. Advanced lead-acid batteries are being developed that will make our world “greener” while improving on battery recycling, environmental protection, and sustainability practices. New technological breakthroughs in advanced valve-regulated lead-acid technology or VRLA batteries have provided unique opportunities to help the world better utilize clean, efficient power through supporting Hybrid Electric Vehicles, smart electrical grid technology, and renewable energy generation like wind and solar power. This advanced battery power will continue to play an essential role in the world’s renewable energy efforts, energy conservation, reduced CO2 footprints, and sustainable living endeavors.


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