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Carquest Air and Cabin Air Filters

Carquest air and cabin air filters are performance tested to ensure reliability and performance. Carquest filters are designed to ensure air pollutants and contaminants are removed to provide optimal function of the engine and a comfortable cabin environment.

Cabin Air

  • Filter media is non-woven fiber

  • Filter cleans and freshens air by reducing pollen and dust in vehicle

  • Meets 95% of filtration efficiency (ISO 11155-1 sets for 95% minimum)

  • Also available with active carbon added into filter media for odor improvement (CFI90146C, select applications only)

  • Flow arrow indicates “in and out” air for easy installation

  • Recommended maintenance — The air inside the cabin can be dirtier than air outside the vehicle. Change the cabin air filter every 12,000 miles.


  • Meets 99% of filtration efficiency (SAE J726 sets for 95% minimum) at 20 microns

  • Consistent filtration area for maximum efficiency

  • Paper is heated before bonding to improve strength and durability

  • Recommended maintenance — The air filter is the first line of defense for an engine. Change the a Leaf spring ir filter every 12,000 miles.


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